Board of Directors

FNAME elects a governing board from its membership. The term of service for each position on the board is two years, with the officers serving through the chairs from President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Darren Haimer - President
Bradenton Herald
Phone: 941-745-7099

Doug Scroggin - 1st Vice President
Sun Sentinel
Phone: 954-425-1553
Fax: 954-425-1441

Doug David - 2nd Vice President
Orlando Sentinel
Phone: 407-420-6339
Fax: 407-420-5768

Bill Ritchie - Secretary
Sun Sentinel
Phone: 954-425-1020
Fax: 954-425-1945

Jill Raleigh - Treasurer
Observer Media Group
Phone: 941-366-3468
Fax: 941-362-4808

Kelly Spamer - Immediate Past President
Tampa Bay Times
Phone: 727-893-8283
Fax: 727-893-8981

Sandy Osteen - Executive Director and Treasurer
Phone: 813-220-4402
Fax: 407-703-4510

Carolyn Klinger - FPS Laison
Intersect Media Solutions
Phone: 407-429-2357

Mark Shurman - 1stYear Director (Own Term)
Tampa Bay Times
Phone: 727-445-4144
Fax: 727-445-4191

Trina Murphy - 1st Year Director (Own Term)
Citrus County Chronicle
Phone: 352-563-3232
Fax: 352-563-3252

Michelle Ionescu - Director (2nd Yr Replace Ric Banciella)
Miami Herald Media Company
Phone: 305-376-2694
Fax: 866-805-7139

Shawna Devlin - 2nd Year Director (Own Term)
Naples Daily News

Patrick Fuentes - 2nd Year Director (Replacement for Jane Katona)
The Palm Beach Post
Phone: 561-820-4320

Melissa Niewold - 2nd Year Director (Own Term)
Herald-Tribune Media Group