Become A Member

FNAME invites the membership of advertising executives from Florida’s newspapers, defined as those which publish a printed newspaper or publication that bears a title or name and publishes at least once a week and is at least 8 or more standard newspaper size pages or 16 or more tabloid size pages per publication. We also invite (as associate members), national representatives, firms and service organizations.

Annual dues are based on circulation and are per publication to be listed in the member directory.

Active Members

Annual dues are based on circulation and are per publication to be listed in the member directory.

Newspapers with a circulation of:

under 15,000 $275.00
15,001 to 25,000 $415.00
25,001 to 50,000 $470.00
50,001 to 100,000 $635.00
Over 100,000 $745.00


Associate Members

National representatives, firms and service organizations: $495.00

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For more information contact Tate Blomquist, Membership Director, at or (321) 283-5273.

Application Requirements

A corporation or other legal entity that publishes a printed newspaper or news publication that: Bears a title or name; Reports local, general news and or editorial comment not less than an annual average of 25 percent of the publication's content of announcements, miscellaneous reading matter, commercial advertising and classified advertising;

Is at least eight or more standard newspaper-size (or 16 or more tabloid-size) pages per publication;

Is circulated and distributed from an established commercial place of business within the state of Florida to subscribers or readers;

Is published at least once per week; Is for general circulation and distribution without regard to business, trade, profession or class;

Has been continuously published for a minimum of one year; follows professionally defined and accepted ethics and standards of journalism; is distributed free or paid, subject to annual publication verification and submission to the Association of accurate circulation figures or is eligible to print legal advertising or other legal notices and meets page size, content percentage and distribution requirements as indicated above.

Applicants must submit a current circulation audit performed by a nationally accepted auditing firm (such as the Audit Bureau of Circulation, VAC, CAC), or a copy of the most recent USPS Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation, or provide notarized statements from the firm printing the applicant’s newspaper, stating the newspaper’s average press run of the past three months.

Weekly newspapers with less than 15,000 circulation will be charged annual membership dues of $275.

Weekly newspapers that are part of a group of newspapers or have circulation over 15,000 will be charged annual membership dues based on their combined circulation and will be charged the same annual membership dues accessed by daily newspapers based on daily or Sunday circulation, which ever is higher. These members will be listed as one group listing on the FNAME website.

Weekly newspapers that want to be listed separately on the FNAME website would pay individual membership dues of $275 or based on their appropriate circulation.